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United States Personals, United States Dating North American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 60 to 62 years old


christluv4me 62 y/o

United States, Madison
Hoping for love at 60
I love honesty and openness. I love listening to life stories .... and am always fascinated by how people got to where they are today. I love the...
8034 61 y/o

United States, Denver
I am hearing impaired, ho...
I am hearing impaired, honest, caring and patient. My hobbies is walking, riding bicycle, reading the books and magazines, using the computer and...
markBruce 60 y/o

United States, Nanjemoy
honesty and trustworthy,
to introduce myself I'm called Mark Bruce I work as a Secretary to Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Ghana, i know that this mail may come to you as...

United States, Pueblo
Choose to do your best...
The performing arts are a passoin for me and attending the symphony. I also love animals [particularly dogs...I have 3 German Shepherds], enjoy...
myles12 60 y/o

United States, Washington
Seeking for a honest and Caring Woman
To start off I am a very nice man, I am still looking for a nice woman who is looking for a long term relationship that will one day lead to...
Jerry 62 y/o

United States, Accokeek
I am educated..the BA, MB...
I am educated..the BA, MBA, and PhD...but I also have fought in wars...I have walked alone in life and frequently do that now. I am not afraid to...
DaveHH 60 y/o

United States, Camden
Loking for long term
An independant thinker who is always rooting for the underdog and tries to see the goodness in everyone. I am tired of the game playing and looking...
wynndixie 60 y/o

United States,
Laus Deo
Extremely friendly, outgoing and have a good attitude towards life. Hardly perfect though, and would certainly not expect to find such in anyone...

United States, Waynesburg
Looking for true love
I am a good listener and I am all interested in how the other is doing, I care, and I want the same in return. Honesty, trust, faithfulness,...
nicethomas09 60 y/o

United States, Astoria
Looking For My Half
Distance is very important but the most important thing in relationship is caring,loving,trust and understanding and I'm ready to relocate for the...

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