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Australia Personals, Australia Dating Oceanian Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 69 to 71 years old


quokka 71 y/o

Australia, Perth
Seeking loving woman
I am a fit and healthy older man looking for a nice woman to have a child with and live happily together. I am a European/ Australian. I am...
canberra 70 y/o

Australia, Canberra
Im very happy man
Im 172 cm 65 kg. I looking my future WIFE who can live with me in australia. Im very well educated. I never drink any alkohol. Im a smoker. I like...
netcomm 69 y/o

Australia, Sydney
You are the colours you choose
Male, single, born in England, now resident of Australia, 5'11. Grey hair, hazel eyes. Good physique, Non smoker, Non drinker. Vegan. Love going to...
30236 69 y/o

Australia, Adelaide
I'm a gentle natured mar...
I'm a gentle natured married guy with a gsoh, I enjoy the company of pleasent natured people.
ocean28 69 y/o

Australia, Sydney
Live it like it's your last week but think you...
Athletic ,adventerious, wanting to discover what is out there and what is inside .I like all the pleasures of what life can bring;food, wine, good...
12592 70 y/o

Australia, Canberra
Hi I like to know ONLY 1...
Hi I like to know ONLY 1 lady who love me who come with me to australia, who nice and EDUCATED. Very important the education This moment Im in...
Jemepresente 71 y/o

Australia, Adelaide
Laugh a lot
6'3'' Tall Slim build. Olive skin. Creative. Look 10 years younger than my chronological age. Desire to travel more. Looking for someone with a...
35957 70 y/o

Australia, Brisbane
i am an interesting perso...
i am an interesting person to get to know, love asian women and would like to meet one and form a relationship, and see where it goes, i am an easy...