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South American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 33 to 35 years old



sasero 35 y/o

Suriname, Paramaribo
I am a young boy (26 years old)and I looking for someone speciale. my hobby are dragracing, tennis, soccer, basketball etc. and I have my only...
27238 35 y/o

Chile, Santiago
...a bit too
...a bit too curious...dont really like to talk about myself...Im looking foward to visit every single country of this world with my
18712 34 y/o

Venezuela, Caracas
hello im from venezuea in...
hello im from venezuea in south-america, live in the capitol in caracas i work ina hotel in the front desk im studying hotels managment im 23years...
5951 35 y/o

Argentina, Buenos Aires
I'm a 24 y/o boy from Bu...
I'm a 24 y/o boy from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm blond, with green eyes, 5'7". I'm lonely and I don't to be like this anymore. Could you be the...
worm 33 y/o

Guyana, Georgetown
life is what you make of it !
I am a single 3o year male, very hardworking, smart, adventureous. I am looking for a compatable female. Who is seeking a wonderful partner to...
lian 33 y/o

Brazil, Patos de Minas
I'm a care person and I have 25 years, eyes and hair brown, sexually. I'm a interessant man. I like to know intelligent guys and who don't be...
ironman4 35 y/o

Guyana, Georgetown
Good things come and go, great things last...
I am an african american male, about six feet tall, brown eyes, tanned skin, and athletically built. I enjoy the company of easy going women who...
sikibai 35 y/o

Suriname, Paramaribo
Hi there
I love to travel and going to the jungle. I am looking for a companion. I'm well educated and i own my own bussiness. Currently i'm single. i look...
ballhead 35 y/o

Guyana, Georgetown
love is life to live to it's end.
I am a kind,cheerful person.I am optmist in life.I like merry companies. I have a lot of friends.I love animals. Now i work and understand that the...
tatoecu 35 y/o

Ecuador, Guayaquil
Hello, just contact me
I am a regular guy, looking for a girl to spent time with, I like to do sports, go to the movies, I like music, sometimes I am a little shy, but...

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