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South American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 48 to 50 years old




Brazil, Foz de Iguassu
Honest guy!
I am 38 years old, honest and worker guy, I am working for a hotel in the city of Foz do Iguaçu (the land of the falls), in the south of Brazil,...
54130 48 y/o

Brazil, Sao Paulo
Im a single guy, funny, l...
Im a single guy, funny, love music, cooking, travel, ski. I am an executive in an American Company in a gaming industry, currently Im in...
38804 50 y/o

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Living in Brazil used to ...
Living in Brazil used to live in the States for 12 years enjoy art, books, movies quite passionate and looking for the right person. Who knows I...
Drico 48 y/o

Brazil, Brasilia
One Great Love
I am sincere, salesman, caring, brazilian, 37 years old, I like to read and sports, I love fitness, I like nature how beach with much sun. I like...
santiago 49 y/o

Venezuela, Porlamar
a very honest and romantic woman
I'm a man who likes all the good things life can offer: good music..interesting books, i love movies. and like the see and traveling. i'm very...
Einsenhower 49 y/o

Brazil, Sao Paulo
Honour justice for victory forever
Truth at world only love can help me Creator. Religion still for me no. Nazis I hate as religions Love for family mine greater nature pets love me...
45307 49 y/o

Peru, Lima
34389 50 y/o

Chile, Valdivia
I `m very nice to tal...
I `m very nice to talk , and very funny , I like to talk with all world and all kind of people the most important is if you...