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South American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 54 to 56 years old



venuspeter 54 y/o

Peru, Pueblo Libre
I would very much like to...
Some lemon drops, an umbrella if needed, a red-burning sunset, but some other things that would disappoint any reasonable mind. I love wandering...
24258 55 y/o

Chile, Santiago
170 m, 70k, green eyes, b...
170 m, 70k, green eyes, black hair, white man. I work in the travel industry Want to meet a sincere, honest, loyal, caring, thoughtfull person,...
delgadoj9 56 y/o

Venezuela, Montalban
I would like to know a woman different in my...
I would like to know a woman different in my life. because I suppouse i am very exigent and very nice with my open mind. I believe in stars , in...
alfred 55 y/o

Suriname, Clevia
Paramaribo noord
I'm a married man, but i want to make friends with people of indonesia i was there in year 1998 it was so beautiful but i want to see more of...
kromannov 54 y/o

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
I am a handsome man - I live in Rio de Janeiro and I'm an archttect. I love arts, movies, operas, ballet, music, specially with a good partner....
takomara2 55 y/o

Suriname, Paramaribo
Sexy women, e-mail me
Polite and friendly, don't smoke, inteligent and well educate, single, loking for a sexy women to have fun and enjoy and have a secret sexual...