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South American Single Men seeking Women - Personal Ads and Photos from 63 to 65 years old



oscarochoa 65 y/o

Colombia, Bogota
Be happy, be creative, keep bu
I am very eclectic, simple and complex at the same time. I love to be with people, but the right people. I am a creztive painter, love bicycling,...
36296 64 y/o

Brazil, Ilhabela
I am a single men living ...
I am a single men living in a paradise island named Ilhabela ( beautiful island )in a small house with ocean view and coconuts.I love sailing and...
eggplanttogo 65 y/o

Ecuador, Guayaquil
One day at a time
Tall a little old around the edges but plenty of zest left. I like to ride motorcycles, (I have one). I also like to travel and seek new...