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Customer Study Program Launch
LoveCompass management is glad to inform you that all members are entitled to express their valuable point of view and take part in our new Customers Study program. For this purpose we've composed a number of questions that will help you to express your attitude. All the answers will be read and analyzed. The most interesting ones will be posted later on. That will also improve popularity of your profile.

As you know, recently our site underwent some changes and now you may use all the benefits of upgraded In view of these changes we'd like to conduct some kind of opinion poll among our members. We'd like to know what you think about services that we offer and what you think about our site in general. Please, answer the following questions:

1. How long are you a member of
2. Number of people you contacted since registered?
3. Is the site easy to use? Is navigation comprehensive or confusing?
4. What do you like most about the site?
5. What do you dislike most about the site?
6. How easy is it to search people (local and remote)?
7. Do you get quality contacts on the site? Did you contact offline with any of your online contacts?
8. Do you feel safe on the site?
9. Did you ever have to use customer support? If yes, were you, satisfied?
10. Would you like to have phone support?
11. Do you feel that the site should offer more features?
12. How did you find us?

Feel free to send your answers by email.

Thank you for using our services and we wish you best luck in your search for your special someone!
LoveCompass team
|author: LoveCompass |date: 14 Dec 2005 11:07

Welcome to the new LoveCompass!
We are proud to introduce you the new version of our site. Feel free to check out what it's all up about!

Main new features are:
- Flash Audio/Video chat!
- Advanced search by US zip codes and world cities (distance search is also available)!
- Ability to refine searches on the fly, and easily correct last performed search!
- Comprehensive Member Home panel to help you start up!
- New subscription plan, cheapest of all: ONLY 27 CENTS A DAY! Perfect for saving!

Thank you for using our services!
|author: LoveCompass |date: 2 Dec 2005 08:45

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