LoveCompass Partnership has been acquired by dotSilver Personals Network.
LoveCompass Partnership is no more available to join to. Join dotSilver Dating Partnership instead.
All LoveCompass partner accounts will be transferred to dotSilver.
All related information can be found at dotSilver - LoveCompass info document.

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Looking for online business? Download Free Internet Dating Personals Software! LoveCompass is proud to offer you an exceptional partnership system which combines most effective and profitable commission techniques. Now you may be paid every time someone contacts your members, every time your member makes a purchase and many more. You may set your own prices, track your members database and modify it. You may download and run your own dating website and automize the business. You may earn with no website traffic, or increase your traffic with our system. You may advertise your existing customers, etc., etc., etc.

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