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Current software pack version for partners is 0.8.3.

Download aePartner 0.8.3: tar.gz or zip

Upgrade from LC-Partner-0.8.2 to aePartner-0.8.3:

You can keep your custom design and languages from LC-Partner 0.8.2 just substitute all other files with the ones from aePartner 0.8.3 package. Files to keep: All in themes directory, all in langs directory. If you didn't implement any custom languges and themes it's recommended to put fresh files instead of others.

Note: Versions prior to aePartner-0.8.3 are discontinued and no longer supported.

aePartner-0.8.x Manual
  • English version

    Other downloads:

    Language modules for aePartner-0.8.x - Unzip and copy to your "langs" directory.
  • English
  • Russian

    Theme modules for aePartner-0.8.x - Unzip and copy to your "themes" directory.
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  • XP

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