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I am a 36-year old, never...
Female, 51 y/o
General Santos
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I am a 36-year old, never married Filipina. I am sensible, practical and adaptable. And I am serious-minded, yet that does not diminish my capacity at humor. Little things do make me laugh. I care for my health and live a clean life. I donít smoke (nor can I tolerate it), drink, or use addictive drugs. I eat just about anything, but sensibly. Brisk walking is my favorite form of exercise. I take it to unwind and keep myself fit. As with physical health I work on my emotional health. I am an optimist who generally faces problems calmly. I prefer the company of people who exudes positive energy. They enriched me. My idea of fun is time spent with family, or friends, at home and outdoors, just doing things together and enjoying every moment of it. I listen to soothing music and I read to relax. I read everything: novels, psychology, management, philosophy, travel, etc. Recently, my reading focused on books that could give me insights about myself, as well as others. I am an INTJ [my personality type]. And I am a thinker. Thus, unlike most women who are emotional, my strength is I am logical. I am using the knowledge to improve myself and make myself more attractive as a lifelong partner. I am playful, but never on a personís emotions. Such nonsense is a waste of every oneís time. I value simplicity, and I hate waste and senseless extravagance. Iíd like to believe I have no vanity. For me, less is more. I appreciate beauty, especially the intangible. It is lasting, and doesnít fade with time. I earned a degree in Business Administration from a State University here, and currently works for Dole Philippines. It is a subsidiary of American-based Dole Packaged Foods Group of Companies.
Ideal match description
I am looking for someone ready for a committed relationship. While we wonít be exactly alike, he needs to know who he is. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and is willing to work to improve himself [and help me do the same]. He knows that a relationship is dynamic, not static, and is determined to persevere through the rough times, until the our fusion [ two unique individuals] will enrich and bring out the best in each other. If interested, contact me and please state your email address so I can write you back. You rs, Jenny
Profile Information
Looking for
Date of BirthNov 05, 1966
StateGeneral Santos
CityGeneral Santos
Height5'4"-5'7" (161-170cm)
OccupationManufacturing Company Employee
Have ChildrenNo
Want ChildrenNo Matters
EducationBachelors Degree

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