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Feel what others aren't able to feel, if u fall down on ur knees stand up & search for ya 2. spring
Female, 28 y/o
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I am a inteligent Woman without the big education - coz i'm a traditionall Lady. (=i don't was on a university, but i am ready with school and got my certificate.) Some mens prefer a good housewife - what a luck for you - i am a good one! I'm a perfect also young and little bit chaotic one, who exactly knows what a man really want and need !! MY special awsome TALLENTS are: * My language tallent, it helps me to learn new languages easily becoz of my incredible feeling with languages * MY fairyArt draw, decorate, create and paint tallent. I can decorate a whole house, paint and draw fairys. I am able to design and create new things. & that's good for you : I love childrens and know how to handle with them. * MY talent in household. I am good at cooking, baking and cleaning in household * MY tallent to be a sensitive & nice one : I am sensitive and try to understand a men, i allways would spend u a open ear if u have self trouble or other problems. --> I'm 2in1 ! A traditional housewife and a inteligent cute Woman who can be ur best friend. Plus i got style - i was a model in past... ( so no problem : u can take me problemless to a business dinner!!) ~~What u want more in live??~~
Ideal match description
U Should be : * Non Smoker and not also much alkohol drinker * good earner with a flat or house * not a sex monster who only thinks about how to have much much sex. * respectfull, gentlemen like, knowing about desires and wishes of a woman, able to love and spend all this love on me, well, u should be someone who give me his time & his respect. The one i talking about should be able to share "his last panty" with me and stand by me in all situations of live - no matter if good or bad times are arround. * liked by my mother ( she only likes a men when he means it serious with me, don't takes money from us, well she wants a men who are able to feed and care for me) * u should like world music and Rabbits ( my pet is one, its a she - her name is dulce = cute ) * u should be sensitive, have a good heart, should love u'r Job and to earn the money - shold prefer that u'r woman is a housewife and important : u should want to have childrens ! I'm okay with 1 or 2. * u should be a flexible, tollerant person who have no problems with my religion wicca and that i am a gypsy. and the last - thats my personal wish - BUT THATS NOT SO MUCH IMPORTANT! : he should be a dark type, i mean he should got black or brown hairs & eyes ( i like green eyes too ! ). --> He shold speak english and also german--> german is important coz my mother dont speak well english, only my stepfather does that. Okay i'm finish, if u are someone potenzial who have really the interest to get know me and my family in real, send me a mail !
Profile Information
Looking for
Date of BirthMar 02, 1990
Height4'8"-4'11" (141-150cm)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Have ChildrenNo
Want ChildrenYes
EducationSchool of life

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