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Getr them before they get you
Male, 51 y/o
United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is Tony and I am an active outdoors type. I enjoy running and training on a regular basis to keep fit. I like going out to movies, pubs, clubs you name it. I can cook!! I enjoy life with all its ups and downs. I am into motorsport (participating). I run my own small business which keeps me on my toes. I am an interesting and lively person with a youthful outlook on life.
Ideal match description
The results of a personality test reveal below my ideal partner. Due to your strong self-confidence, you have the ability to generously overlook the mistakes of others and to forgive their weaknesses with understanding. Because you are also a good listener, you can give your partner the feeling that they are accepted. Be careful to set limits despite all generosity and tolerance. It is not necessary to be understanding about everything. This has the hidden danger that your tolerance will be abused and you will end up getting hurt. You should look for a partner who values your generosity and who will use the opportunity to open up with you together. You are able to experience strong and deep emotions. You usually manage effortlessly to express your needs without hurting the feelings of others. You need to be productive to your environment and understand how to motivate others. This combination of energy and common-sense makes it possible for you live in a harmonious relationship with very different types of women. You are best suited to a partner who shares your pleasure in enjoyment. If she possesses as strong an enjoyment in organisation as you, then you will have a happy relationship. You set the tone in the relationship and decide what, when and how things will be done. You prefer to adhere to the classic role division between men and women: You simply like the idea that you are the provider and protector in a relationship - while the woman aids you, supplies warmth in your private life and retains the contact to friends and family. A defined confident and independent woman can't really be considered as a partner for you. You are attractive to the more feminine women who desire a classical role division. If you can succeed in displaying a measure of understanding and sensitivity, you will be well on the way to a harmonious relationship. Your desire for intimacy is very high. It is much higher than average for most men. You desire a relationship, in which a close emotional connection with your partner is the most important factor. You belong to a group of people who can never have to much intensive intimacy - your ideal is a harmonious life as a couple. When selecting a partner you should look for a woman with a similarly strong need for closeness. As this is not so common it will be especially important to note this characteristic when you meet someone.
Profile Information
Looking for
Date of BirthDec 20, 1961
CountryUnited Kingdom
Height6'0"-6'3" (181-190cm)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
OccupationPublic Relations Consultant
Have Children1
Want ChildrenNo Matters
EducationBachelors Degree

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