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I'm a down to earth person that keeps things totally real
Female, 38 y/o
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I guess I should take this time to introduce myself. My name is Taiwo I have adopted the nickname "Tee".I知 26years of age with dark blonde hair and brawn eyes. I have never been married nor do I have no children I would love to have children sometime in the near future.I am the only child of my parents i lost my dad when i was 1yr and half so i have to move to my mum in repoblic of benin ,so i stay with her.I have a collage education in that trades of Marketing. At this time I'm looking into first aid level 3 and Marketing project management. I have also taken courses in Fashion disgning.I take great pride in myself on being a coollady both as a person and in my appearance. I will not bore you with all my common interests lets just say that I have a diversity of them and I like to do just about everything. But I will mention a few things that I like to do cooking, watching movies, going for walks/hikes, camping and many more. I知 a supernice, warm, kindhearted and caring person that is also extremely thoughtful. Returned thoughtfulness goes a long way with me. I'm a down to earth person that keeps things totally real and I play no games. I do not hide behind any superficial alter egos.Even though for the most part men and women have the same needs, to be loved, to be valued and to respected. I seem to take such things even further such as making you feel attractive, wanted, needed, desiered and appreciated. Because that the type of person I am.
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Date of BirthSep 10, 1979
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