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Female, 48 y/o
United States
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I am a sorted, fun loving individual who is very independent and career minded, with a very relaxed and sociable personality. I am mature,confident and enjoy life for what it has to offer.I love good restaurants. classy clubs/wine bars.etc. I,m very down to earth and unpretentious.i am looking for a serious relationship with the hope of more, if this is right.I am a beautiful ,loving,open minded woman who is seeking for a serious relationship.I can be sexy and classy. I am a passionate lover and a great friend. Willing to listen and learn. I am religious and dedicated woman. I keep a clean home, I am good cook, and well read. I am a massage therapist. I have strong hands and a loving touch for my companion. I keep up on what's going on in the world, and I volunteer with relocated for the right person.I am good natured, responsible , fun loving, down to earth, attractive, uncomplicated, conservative and I have a great sense of humor. I care about others and I'm unselfish. I love to share, help and nuture others. I love to dance, cook, entertain and feed friends and family. I'm intelligent, adventurous and enterpreneural. I want a friend and a funny, fun mate to share the joys and sorrows of life, a true friendship, based on trust and based on us truly liking eachother. I am honest and caring, handworking lady, who is seeking for equally honest, caring, understanding and hardworking man. I love travelling, having fun, outings, meeting new friends and sharing ideas.
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Date of BirthOct 01, 1969
CountryUnited States
ZIP/Postal code18020
Have ChildrenNo
Want ChildrenNo Matters

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