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Just want to find someone who
Female, 54 y/o
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I am. At least this is an important thing to me. I am thinking. This is the second most important thing to me. I am dreaming. Hoping. Longing. Whatever. I am also travelling, working, reading, listening, talking, discussing, walking, watching, moving, drinking, eating, phoning, sleeping. And very often I look out of the window and see the world passing by. Wondering what my role here is. And I am still looking for somebody to share some of these activities with. Actually, it doesn`t matter where this someone would be. I`d travel thousands of kilometers to meet him and being together with him. If it`s the right one. And if not, then this goes probably into the tradition of unfulfilled love. As so many times. What does a heart have to bare in a lifetime? Well, maybe we can change it? Or maybe I am just naive. But I prefer being naive and chasing my dreams. One day I will look back to what I did in my life and at least I can say: "I tried hard." (ok, I do not mind meeting somebody nice for just a shag - I am honest with that. After all I am just a gay human being. Male. Which probably makes the difference. And which is probably part of the problem. If we can call it a problem.) It can happen to.. Anyone of us, anyone you think of Anyone can fall Anyone can hurt someone they love Hearts will break.
Ideal match description
I though I found him. But my happiness was only short. I gave all my love to the one. And then suddenly he was gone. Another one who took his heart. A heart I believed I could keep forever. So there was I, trying to find out how to fix my heart in pieces again. But still, I believe in love. So, I`m again looking for the one. The one to love to. To travel with. To talk to. To do things with. To share thoughts with. To be happy with. To miss. To think of in the morning after waking up. Or to dream of while sitting in the train and looking at the landscape passing by, while waiting at the airport. Someone who is not always just there. At least not physically. But someone who is with me all the time in my mind. And most importantly in my heart. Someone who has something to say. Someone who thinks once in a while. Someone who would consider doing something special for me - and who can expect the same from me. Someone worth giving things up for. Someone also to have great sex with.
Profile Information
Looking for
Date of BirthSep 12, 1963
Height5'0"-5'3" (151-160cm)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Occupationbeauty salon owner
Have ChildrenNo
Want ChildrenNo Matters
EducationSchool of life
Income$10,000 or less

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