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 February 24, 2005

Ways To Show Your Love

This list is designed to be a quick check for you to review. Use it to give yourself ideas to maintain your relationship, to give it a positive boost or just simply for some ideas. Print this list off and give it to your partner and then take it in turns, fulfilling what each other wants from the list.

1.Hug her/him.

2.Write a love note.

3.Call her/him at work just to say "Hi."

4.Give a foot massage.

5.Tell a joke.

6.Caress her/him with slow gentle strokes.

7.Go for a walk with her/him.

8.Admit your mistakes.

9.Say: "I love you."

10.Indulge a whim.

11.Listen to her/him talk about an interest of hers/his.

12.Be trustworthy.

13.Instead of complaining, tell her/him what you would prefer.

14.Look at her/him when you're in a discussion.

15.Send her/him flowers. (They're not just for us girls.)

16.Compliment something she/he did.

17.Offer to help.

18.Ask her/him to show you how to do something.

19.Write a poem about how special she/he is to you.

20.Ask her/him what she'd/he'd like sexually.

21.Take an afternoon drive.

22.Go away together for a weekend holiday.

23.Do something she/he wants to do.

24.Listen to her/him (even if she/he is boring you.)

25.Plan a candlelit dinner.

26.Look at old photos together.

27.Serve her/him breakfast in bed.

28.Take a shower together.

29.Share sexual fantasies.

30.Do a work project together.

31.Give her/him an all over body massage.

32.Plan a picnic lunch.

33.Repeat what she/he says before answering.

34.Send her/him a card.

35.Surprise her/him with a gift.

36.Cook her/his favorite meal.

37.Put on some romantic music.

38.Put together a compilation tape of both your favorite songs.

39.Ask for her/his opinion.

40.Ask her/him how he feels.

41.Let her/him know when you are proud of her/him.

42.Invite her/him to a secret rendezvous.

43.Listen openly to her/his opposing opinion.

44.Watch her/his favourite TV programme with her/him.

45.Watch a sunset together.

46.Play a game together.

47.Have her/him teach you something he/she knows.

48.Go to a movie of his/her choice.

49.Meet him/her for lunch.

50.Let him/her know you care.

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