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 February 25, 2005

Don't be alone for the holidays

Okay, guys. Being single is especially difficult around the holidays when people are having tree-trimmings and office parties every time you turn around. It can be a lonely time. But if you participate in the holiday gatherings and activities alone, you may end up meeting some eligible women — and possibly someone special. Life is ironic that way. So consider the following options:

Don’t skip your holiday office party because you haven't got a romantic date. Go with a platonic co-worker and encourage each other to hook up. You probably never knew your company had so many attractive employees!

Holiday work parties — even the smaller ones — can be a great place to mingle and meet women. You might finally get a chance to talk with that woman you've been staring at for months. If you hit it off, ask her out for a holiday drink, and maybe surprise her with a horse drawn sleigh ride.

This time of year is romantic, and many guys hit it off with the women who help them as sales assistants. Nothing melts a girl's heart like a man trying to find that perfect gift for his mom or sister. Be clear that it isn't for that special someone because you're single!

Attend some sort of fundraiser or volunteer food drive for the needy. This not only shows how sensitive you are, you also put yourself in the position to meet women with whom you have common values. You get a chance to do something to improve the quality of others' lives and possibly improve your love life too!

Attend your friends' holiday parties and wear a Santa hat (not an elf hat!) or some other festive, playful gear. This sets you apart from the boring guys and obviously gets the attention of women who have a playful sense of humor. If you are more of an introvert, just attend as many parties as you can without the get-up and bring a friend along. This way you increase your chances of meeting women in a friendly, familiar atmosphere.

Have your own holiday party. Invite your single friends and have them bring along at least one other single friend. This could be a tree trimming party or a hip little holiday cocktail party — complete with hot toddies, warm (spiked) apple cider and eggnog.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to think of the holiday season as an opportunity to meet women and date — not just a reminder that you're single this season. If you play your cards right, it could be your last holiday season as a single guy.

Still uneasy about spending the holidays alone? Start a quick search today and find other sexy singles in your area.

By Christopher DeLorenzo

Posted by LC at February 25, 2005 12:08 PM | TrackBack

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