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 February 28, 2005

5 Body Language Tips

Apparently communication weighs more on HOW you say something, versus the content of your words. Now donít overstep and assume that you can be the next Pootietang here people. Body language is a huge factor that influences both how other people will react to you, and how you will react to yourself. Here are 5 quick tips to improve your body language.

1.Smile. A frown can be the most expensive thing you own, so unless you look like a gap toothed Hillbilly, then flash those pearly whites and make your orthodontist proud. A smile is very hard to resist. Also, if ever you are feeling blue, try smiling like a huge dork for 30 seconds. Youíll be amazed by the result.

2.Maintain good eye contact without burning holes into someone. good eye contact involves maintaining a constant gaze, without making you look like a hypnotist. As a bonus, if you have trouble looking someone in the eye, look at their lower forehead instead. Theyíll never know the difference.

3.Focus 100% on the person you are currently speaking with. The leggy blond will still be there when you are done chatting up Dave from the mail room. This will make them feel important, and you seem like a master of the game.

4.Practice Pleasant Posture. I think this is ingrained from way back in the monkey days, when the first to stand up straight broke the chain and continued the progression of the species. If you donít want to look like an ape, stand up straight you lazy bum. As hokey as it sounds, you can practice by walking around the house with a small paperback book on your head. Also, doing crunches will also tighten your midsection, giving you added incentive to not lurch over.

5.Keep your gestures under control. Unless you are an interpreter for a school for the blind, you donít need to flap your arms like a chicken in a hurricane every time you speak. Try using soft, controlled motions to help accentuate your main ideas, and to convey understanding. Great examples of gestures can be found by watching a political debate.

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