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February 25, 2003

Server problems solved 100%

Last week entire LoveCompass network could experience long server downs. This happened because of hardware bugs on the new server. It's all fixed now.

Now we are glad to provide new, faster hardware. Database connections will be served faster. Currently, our resources are used by 15%. So, we are glad to welcome new partners and partner sites willing to build their own online dating websites.
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February 24, 2003

Gold Membership - Step 1 - Available for Free

Code for Gold Membership was ready long ago and is still waiting for its time. The first option for Gold Members will be - Available for Free. Thus anyone interested will be able to buy Gold Membership and his contacts will get open for all other members at no fee.

We are still thinking on price to be set and on the ways to split revenues between partners and LoveCompass from membership fees. Any ideas and comments about Gold Membership are extremely awaited.
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February 23, 2003

That's the difference

Have some fun! Look at the picture inside this post - it clearly represents the main difference between sexes.

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Categorized Browse Personals System

Browse Personals Profiles system finally launched! It is different from Search Profiles - it is all static and it gives better information about how many profiles are listed in LoveCompass. No blind search anymore!

All pages of categories are static, so we have to regenerate them. We are now trying to figure out the best period for listings regeneration. Comments are appreciated.

Same as in search, most recently visited profiles will be placed to the top of the listings. So, you're advised to visit LoveCompass frequently to bump your positions.

Browse Personals Profiles will not be installed to any of the partner sites, because it may lead to duplicate content penalty from Google and because ot requires high server resources. However we expect this system increase LoveCompass sales and thus help our partners earn more.
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LoveCompass Weblog Launch

LoveCompass is live during about 6 months already. It is constantly being improved, updated, modified and fixed. We come up with new and new features and even more are planned. Today we launched this weblog.

In this weblog we will have to post some older events reports as they are both important and may be interesting for members and partners of LoveCompass.

We will also add all kinds of news, reports, announcements - and hopefully ASAP once we have something to share.

So, if you're interested to keep your hand on LoveCompass pulse - visit this blog constantly. Welcome to LoveCompass!!!
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