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June 26, 2003

Global Re-Design of

Today and tomorrow we are going to upload global design changes of LoveCompass main website. Sites that reside on sub-domains and this weblog will also subsequently change. Along with re-design we are to implement some functionality changes.

Profiles search architecture will be heavily modified in order to exclude some logical and technical mistakes. Expect to see more multiple choice and checkbox type inputs in it.

We are also going to launch a new profiles representation algorithm. Default search profiles result page will now list profiles according to their “MemberRank”, which will depend on a set of factors, such as list login time, average online time, “PartnerRank”, etc. Exact algorithm formula will not be ever announced.

This rebuild is now the main reason for aePartner 1.0 release delay, as we expect to merge certain changes into aePartner and make it more modular, so that Partners could upgrade software and install add-ons easier. Stay in touch – big changes are coming.

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June 16, 2003

Inactive Partner Accounts To Be Removed

After our database has been flooded with inactive or almost inactive partner accounts, we decided to delete about 800 partner accounts indefinitely. This removal will not affect newly created partner accounts.

Additionally we are establishing new set of rules - from now and on all partners will have 3 months for a start and will not be removed withing 3 months. After three months, partner will have to add at least 5 profiles a month or have at least 5 subscriptions from their partner site.

Please note that LoveCompass may remove partner account without prior notification.

This decision is final.

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