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July 29, 2003

New Profiles Search & Software Upgrade

Hello there our dearest visitors! We are proud to represent you a new profiles search engine. It has become much more convenient, so you can put all parameters you wish your ideal match have. Now you can select multiple countries, languages, education, height, bodytype and other.

All this was made to make your search more comfortable and fun. Now you don't need to perform several searches - everything you need can be done within one search, so all dating member of LoveCompass Online Personals matching your criterias will show up in a dating men and women search results page. Feel free to go to

Also with the new singles search engine we have upgraded our software so everything should now work even faster than it worked before. We right now perform complete beta testing of the whole site, so if you experience any small problems which the update might cause don't hesitate to report us so we fix it and do everything to make you feel more comfortable with our dating services.

Feel free to leave your comments upon these LoveCompass Online Personals & Dating Services Network changes.

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July 24, 2003

Completely Free, Totally Free, Absolutely Free Dating & Personals Site to Appear

Does it sound like some kind of catch? Sure it does ;) . In fact it is almost impossible to run a good quality personals site without taking at least small membership or per-contact payments.

You might find some small, newborn sites offering free services, but what’s the use of small personals site? Zilch! Or you may find some site offering Free Registration (ok, ok, LoveCompass is one of them), but you will finally be offered to pay for something.

This is the sad truth – there are no completely free dating sites, no completely free personals sites, no completely free personal ads sites out there. Small, themed, topical communities hardly mean anything.

Ok now… I am happy and proud to announce that LoveCompass Online Personals and Dating Services Network is going to launch a full-featured, international, pre-moderated, managed, COMPLETELY FREE DATING SITE!

Ready (take a pen to make a note), Steady (now you’re going to know its URL), Go –! … where 0Dating stands for – Zero Cost Dating.

Now you have to ask a question: “Why on earth it is free and how do you bay bills it generates?”

Well, we are not a charity we are not going to be the one. 0Dating is going to server visitors with Google AdSense PPC ads and we strongly hope that the site will survive for years only out if this system profits. We believe that Google AdSense has prosperous future and we’d be happy to share this prosperity.

Thus, at you will be able to search profiles, contact members anonymously and join for free – no catch! On the same hand we are not going to pass poor traffic to Google ads and feed spammers, so expect VERY STRICT admission policy. In numbers, I would presume that hardly 50% of membership application will pass editorial review.

We want this site to work, not just proclaim itself the best and get lost in a few months. We expect donation from really happy users, we expect good feedback, we expect secure database and high level of users and developers integrity.

We want everyone become happy with this site, and we want to become a bit happier ourselves. Stay in touch – it is going to be working in a few days!

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July 10, 2003

Main LoveCompass site has been totally re-designed – finally

This change was expected to be implemented about a week ago but we still had to do a lot of testing tweaking to launch the site with new look and feel. Now major LoveCompass pages are all completely different. Some pages and section (as well as this weblog) are not yet rebuilt – this is going to happen within a few days from now.

We have also decided to remove some section of the site that proved to be either inactive or ineffective – some of their functionality will be distributed among other pages and some will be move to new smaller informational pages. Thus you may most probably expect to see , , and section removed or heavily modified.

We would like to recall about our advertising proposal for dating webmasters – LoveCompass is a popular site with stable and rather high traffic flow, so you may post your articles to us and we will publish them in this weblog with all links and references to you – this will help you both in terms of link popularity and traffic.

Now, after re-design we are going to come up with some functionality improvements – such as profiles search logic and member ranks.

Please let us know your opinion about our recent changes.

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