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August 19, 2003

Misspelled search queries are now served by LoveCompass

LoveCompass proudly presents new comprehensive system, which serves most common dating-related search term misspellings.

A lot of users make typos when using different search engines and most of them don't see what they search for in this case, except for some poor-quality sites that naturally have a lot of misspellings. We decided to help surfers and established Dating and Personals Misspellings system in order to provide our services to people actually search for what we provide. We truly hope that search engines will grab these pages and will show our site to those looking for, say "onlie personals".
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August 01, 2003

New Feature for Gold Members!

New feature available for Gold Members!

Now Gold members can hand their contact information to those they like! If you are a Gold member already, feel free to try! If you haven't subscribed for gold membership yet hurry up since this is a new, promototional and time-limited feature!

If you were a gold member before you could only wait until someone takes your contact information for free. Now you can initiate the contact yourself since you can give a member your contact information.

Note: If you are subscribed for pay-per-contact gold membership, your deposit will be diminished by the bid amount when you give someone your contact information.
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