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December 16, 2003

For those interested in what’s happening to LoveCompass at the moment…

Last few months were not as active in terms of new publishing and site modifications. Yes, we have to admit that for over two moths we are not doing anything with current LoveCompass Network mains site, except for everyday maintenance and management. At the same time our development crew almost doubled in size and we have been working hardly over… yes over brand new, state-of-art, much more effective and fast network engine, which is being designed to boost revenues of all partners, increase public interest and traffic, and (most important) make LoveCompass Network dating services more affordable, convenient and really meaningful.

The main problem of older engine is that it is mostly Pay-Per-Contact oriented, whereas current trends and customers’ preferences require affordable subscription-based system, which would allow unlimited access for a set period of time to all available services and information. This can hardly live with our current commissions system, which pays all parties of the partnership network, including those who present non-paying members, BUT we managed to establish a win-win formula, which will still provide substantial part of income to such participants.

Moreover, new LoveCompass backend is being developed based more robust technology – more of its parts will now be processed by precompiled processing engine, which will allow maintenance of higher security standards, more accurate calculations, and of course increasing speeds for almost all processes, including connection of partner sites to main LoveCompass database.

We truly hope to launch the new system in a few months, so stay in touch, great improvements are coming!

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