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July 12, 2005

LoveCompass & dotSilver

LoveCompass Personals and its partnership community has been acquired by dotSilver Dating Network. So, what is this deal about?

dotSilver offers partnership system similar to LoveCompass's one. This allows dotSilver have old partners and members database migrate to the new system to participate in a higher-end dating service network.

For the old partners this will mean better dating software, better join and conversion rate and more singles activity. Partner software finally gets more support and more options to choose from speaking about site design. Check out our personals script.

Financial model in dotSilver Network is completely different. Now members would pay for monthly subscription and will be able to make unlimited contacts by all means offered on the site. Funds will be distributed between dating websites participating in the network to create well-balanced and stable revenue source for the partners.

New partners are invited to this attractive partnership offer giving you an opportunity to earn from the very start. You will surely be hooked on what you are offered, read carefully at dotSilver Dating Partnership homepage.

"A lot of work has been done" - says Emil Sarnogoev, dotSilver Network CEO, - "and there's even more yet to do. dotSilver program is a revolutionary new scheme of joint dating business. We do not count on dotSilver commissions taken from partners, we are aiming at earning with our sites set up as dotSilver partners. This is to make sure our partners have the same opportunities as we have, and to help people start out as easy as possible by setting up lowest commissions. We are here to offer modern dating community business tools together with most attractive and interesting dating partnership solutions you can find on the market."

But what does this all mean to the singles? To the ones for whom all this noise is about? They are supposed to finally receive more benefits:

  • Video IM
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Matchmaking
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly interface
  • Funny environment

All this will be available for FREE for a limited time. This will surely help members find local dates and friends faster, more securely and in a much funnier environment.

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