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July 12, 2005

LoveCompass & dotSilver

LoveCompass Personals and its partnership community has been acquired by dotSilver Dating Network. So, what is this deal about?

dotSilver offers partnership system similar to LoveCompass's one. This allows dotSilver have old partners and members database migrate to the new system to participate in a higher-end dating service network.

For the old partners this will mean better dating software, better join and conversion rate and more singles activity. Partner software finally gets more support and more options to choose from speaking about site design. Check out our personals script.

Financial model in dotSilver Network is completely different. Now members would pay for monthly subscription and will be able to make unlimited contacts by all means offered on the site. Funds will be distributed between dating websites participating in the network to create well-balanced and stable revenue source for the partners.

New partners are invited to this attractive partnership offer giving you an opportunity to earn from the very start. You will surely be hooked on what you are offered, read carefully at dotSilver Dating Partnership homepage.

"A lot of work has been done" - says Emil Sarnogoev, dotSilver Network CEO, - "and there's even more yet to do. dotSilver program is a revolutionary new scheme of joint dating business. We do not count on dotSilver commissions taken from partners, we are aiming at earning with our sites set up as dotSilver partners. This is to make sure our partners have the same opportunities as we have, and to help people start out as easy as possible by setting up lowest commissions. We are here to offer modern dating community business tools together with most attractive and interesting dating partnership solutions you can find on the market."

But what does this all mean to the singles? To the ones for whom all this noise is about? They are supposed to finally receive more benefits:

  • Video IM
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Matchmaking
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly interface
  • Funny environment

All this will be available for FREE for a limited time. This will surely help members find local dates and friends faster, more securely and in a much funnier environment.

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August 01, 2003

New Feature for Gold Members!

New feature available for Gold Members!

Now Gold members can hand their contact information to those they like! If you are a Gold member already, feel free to try! If you haven't subscribed for gold membership yet hurry up since this is a new, promototional and time-limited feature!

If you were a gold member before you could only wait until someone takes your contact information for free. Now you can initiate the contact yourself since you can give a member your contact information.

Note: If you are subscribed for pay-per-contact gold membership, your deposit will be diminished by the bid amount when you give someone your contact information.
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July 29, 2003

New Profiles Search & Software Upgrade

Hello there our dearest visitors! We are proud to represent you a new profiles search engine. It has become much more convenient, so you can put all parameters you wish your ideal match have. Now you can select multiple countries, languages, education, height, bodytype and other.

All this was made to make your search more comfortable and fun. Now you don't need to perform several searches - everything you need can be done within one search, so all dating member of LoveCompass Online Personals matching your criterias will show up in a dating men and women search results page. Feel free to go to

Also with the new singles search engine we have upgraded our software so everything should now work even faster than it worked before. We right now perform complete beta testing of the whole site, so if you experience any small problems which the update might cause don't hesitate to report us so we fix it and do everything to make you feel more comfortable with our dating services.

Feel free to leave your comments upon these LoveCompass Online Personals & Dating Services Network changes.

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May 22, 2003

New finance calculations engine for partners

LoveCompass Online Personals & Dating Services Network partners now have a flexible tool for their earnings calculations. Now you can easily calculate what you earned during different periods and dates, also you can track specific number orders. Both contact sales and gold membership subscriptions are calculated and shown in transactions lists. Feel free to respond if you have comments, suggestions to make calculations more flexible and easy, and if you notice any bugs.
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April 20, 2003

First Partner Site with Gold Membership - Texas Dating Personals

Today we are going to start installation works and testing of Gold Membership feature on one of LoveCompass Partner Sites. Other partners will have it with the new aePartner package pretty soon.

It is Texas Dating Singles Partner Site that will have this feature installed. We truly hope that integration will be successful and all partner will be able to enjoy this, really sound improvement.

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April 15, 2003

Major Changes in LoveCompass Dating Directory Expected

LoveCompass is different and we want to keep it different. This made us think on how to make our Dating Directory more interesting and attracting for visitors. Some research together with obvious need for more quality content seem to help us find the decision.

LoveCompass is different and we want to keep it different. This made us think on how to make our Dating Directory more interesting and attracting for visitors. Some research together with obvious need for more quality content seem to help us find the decision.

Not all changes are obvious yet, and the final result may be finally different from what you read now, but there are some aspects that are more or less clear already.

We have asked SEO specialists about the best ways of building it. Here is the result:

Q: We are now going to rebuild our links directory. The main purpose is to make it content-rich destination, not just stupid collection of links. Now we have categorized structure and we show 10 external links per page. What we are going to do is to force our advertisers add more detailed descriptions and create their site's profile with a few screenshots and even more details.

The question is... should we change links of the directory to link to the profile and then place just one link to this site in its profile, or should we leave direct link from the directory page and add link profile, which will in turn have one more link to this site.

Profile of the site is going to have about 5 times more description text, 3 screenshots, and editorial review.

What are the pros and cons of new structure IMHO:

1. + More text content on each listing
2. + More pages with content and with one external link each
3. + No PageRank leaking on directory pages (really not sure about this one)
4. + Makes our directory different, gives more power for advertisers, more info for visitors.
5. + Title of the link points to the profile, being a good anchor text
6. – Visitors have to view profile and may not go to the site directly from category.

---- Another way is if we keep direct link and add a link to site’s profile on each page.
1. + More text content on each listing
2. + More pages with content and with one external link each
3. – Link to profile has poor anchor text (ex. “view site’s profile”)
4. – Amount of links per page gets even bigger thus diluting power of each of them
5. + Advertiser has direct link from the directory page as well as from profile (all in all two direct links)
6. + Visitors don’t necessarily have to view profile and may just go to the site directly.

Which variant you would choose and do you think it is going to be beneficial?

A: Use whichever way is better for your site visitors only. I like the first group.(Doug Heil – Search Engine Optimization Services)
A: I agree. What's best for your visitors is best for you, IMO.
Keep the higher level direct link. Your visitors will find it easier to visit multiple sites if they are presented in list format.
Also link out from the new more informative pages. If you are going to have a detailed page about a site, it has to include the site's URL!
(Alan Perkins – e-Brand Management )

There were some other replies, but finally we figured out that our best bet is to make two links per site - one from category and one from profile page of the site. Additionally, we are going to make profiles editable, so all advertizers will be able to modify them for better relevance.

Well, now we'll have to finalize all other TO-DO list items to make it happen.

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March 29, 2003

Partners Discussion - Pricing of Gold Membership

We are about to release a new version of Partner Site software package, which will include Gold Membership options. Partners will be able to tweak membership prices, but LoveCompass will set a certain minimum, which we suggest to determine together with our partners. Please participate in discussion.

Gold Membership will be introduced in two variants – Timely and PPC (Pay-Per-Contact).

PPC Membership works to Pay-Per-Click search engines (members will make Bids for each contact with them and their e-mail will be available for free and each contact will lower deposited amount of money according to amount of contacts with the member). Prices for PPC membership start from $0.01 per click and minimal initial deposit is $10.

Timely Membership will allow members become available for free for a certain period of time. Every partner may set his own Gold Membership prices, but LoveCompass needs to set minimal prices and maximal discounts for longer membership periods. Working version of time/price chart is the following:

10 days - $10.00
15 days - $14.00
20 days - $18.00
25 days - $22.00
30 days - $26.00
35 days - $30.00
40 days - $34.00
45 days - $38.00
50 days - $42.00
55 days - $46.00
60 days - $50.00
65 days - $54.00
70 days - $58.00
75 days - $62.00
80 days - $66.00
85 days - $70.00
90 days - $74.00

Please review this chart and suggest your ideas, comments, critique.

One of LoveCompass Partners – James Mason ( Texas Dating Singles ) suggested and idea to offer smaller “introductory” fee for first 1000 members of a partner site. Please comment if you think this idea should be implemented and how.

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March 27, 2003

Gold Membership for Partner Sites – Coming Soon!

LoveCompass development team is now actively testing and fixing bugs to introduce Gold Membership feature available for all partner sites. It has been successfully installed and tested on, so it is only a few days left before all partners get it.

Gold Membership is a big and effective improvement as it will finally leverage income of partners that submit ladies’ profiles and those who introduce paying members. Together with Gold Membership we have some smaller features added and a few bugs fixed. All this will form new partners package, which will be introduced as aePartner 1.0 Beta. One of the main changes is that profiles of Partner’s members will have priority on search results, thus partners will be able to earn from sales generated on their own sites.

Gold Membership will be first installed and tested at Texas Dating Singles Partner Site, which is one of the most active LoveCompass partners.

We have conducted a long research on how Gold Membership should work and decided to give Gold Members and option to be “Available for Free” rather than giving them a right to contact anyone for free. The reason is that spammers may become Gold Members and start sending mass letters to our members, so we must do everything possible to keep members’ privacy and protect them from people who don’t have serious intentions. With “Available for Free” option, Gold Members will be able to sent Virtual Kisses with a link to their profile and a note that their contact may be taken for free. This will protect members from spammers and will give them a chance to decide if they want or don’t want to answer. Gold Members will also benefit from this option, because they will start correspondence and will spend time for letters only with those already interested to contact them.

Prices for Gold Membership will be under Partners’ control, however we will set minimums and maximum discounts.

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March 25, 2003

Dating Directory Stars - Promote Dating Site - Advertizing Opportunity

LoveCompass Dating Directory has been rebuilt and redesigned recently. It supports LC-Stars ranking system now. The more stars you get, the higher position your link has. Every star gives a significant boost in traffic, which is a great deal for all advertizers, because LoveCompass now has over 5,000 unique visitors a day (mostly from USA and Europe) and most of them use LoveCompass Directory to find what they need.

Now read this document to find our how to get more stars - the are both paid and free ways to obtain them.

For example, look at Dating Services category. There you will see that top listings have stars near links. Sites with more links have better position. Apart from stars, all sites are added by “most recent show first” order (same applies for listings with equal number of stars).

Now all you to know is how to get more stars? Ok, you may have up to 10 stars! You get stars for:

Paid options - buy stars for more traffic to your dating site

Up to 5 stars may be purchased for money. Each additional stars costs more than the previous one. In some cases discounts may apply. With paid stars, one site may be listed in up to 3 categories.

#1 First star: $10 per month per category.
#2 Second star: $20 per month per category.
#3 Third star: $40 per month per category.
#4 Forth star: $60 per month per category.
#5 Fifth star: $100 per month per category.

So, if you want to have more than one star, your per month payment would be as follows:
One star: $10 per month per category.
Two stars: $30 per month per category.
Three stars: $70 per month per category.
Four stars: $130 per month per category.
Five stars: $230 per month per category.

Free options - backward links, detailed descriptions, good content

Each listing may have up to 10 stars, 5 stars can be purchased and 5 more can be given by LoveCompass editorial team on case to case basis. Read below to find our how you may potentially acquire some editorial stars.

  • Reciprocal link to placed according to Backward link quidelines;
  • reciprocal link to the category where your links is located (also placed according to Backward link quidelines);
  • reciprocal link to Online Dating Search Engine (with “Online Dating Search Engine” as a link text and as an URL);
  • detailed, objective and informative description of your site given during Add URL process;
  • easy navigation, pleasant design, unique content.

    NOTE: You must claim stars by writing us an e-mail and stating why you think you should be given a star.
    NOTE: You may not claim more than 10 stars. If you have 10 stars – this is it.
    NOTE: None of the reasons described above guarantees getting a star.
    NOTE: Sites with at least 5 stars will be reviewed. Editors' review will be on a separate static page with direct links to the site.
    NOTE: Payment for stars is accepted only after preliminary contact - describe us your site and your proposal, then we will send you a payment request.

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  • March 22, 2003

    Major update of the entire LoveCompass Network

    Finally it happened! We finally managed to launch Gold Membership on LoveCompass. Uffffff.....

    Desparately awaited Gold Membership has been launched on LoveCompass, and it's available for all partners.

    Directory is renewed and will have "Stars" system, which we will announce later.

    That was hard. Really. Lot of job's done and still a lot to do. Thank you all for patience.

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    March 17, 2003

    Articles system

    Articles system is rebuilt. Now your articles appear on your site instantly when you create/modify them.
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    How to promote your dating website. Basic DOs and DON'Ts.

    What are the best, legitimate steps to promote your dating website and attract traffic? How to avoid search engines' penalties? This articles suggests basic tips about what you should and shouldn't do.

    There are two points of equal importance - "How to make your dating website popular" and "How to increase popularity and not loose everything".


    1. Care to buy a top level domain name. Even though there are lots of domain extensions, you best choice is .com, because many of your site's visitors will remember you domain name, and will try to type it with .com next time. Think of a short, easy to remember domain name, which will fit your company name and type of your services. Good place to purchase a domain name is Godaddy. They offer domain names for under $9 a year.

    2. Find reliable and fast hosting provider for your site. Free hosting won't do any good for you, because they don't provide fast connection speed and have to big downtime. Search engines may drop your site with such hosting very fast. We recommend HostForWeb Linux Hosting. And don't forget to refer to us when subscribing (our username is lovecomp).

    3. Think of what content and what services exactly you are going to present and care to update your site frequently and add unique and valuable contend as often as you can.

    4. Make your site load fast. Try to avoid heavy graphics, huge flash files and heaps of JavaScript. Most of your visitors and search engines wouldn't like it at all.

    5. Create wise (!) cross-linked structure. All of your pages must be easily accessible and on the same hand placing all your links on every page won't do any good. Sitemap is always a good idea.

    6. Static pages do best! Yes, you must have heard that search engines start indexing dynamic pages better and better, but be sure that they are trying to APPROACH the easy and friendliness of static pages. Why wait? Go static!

    7. Decide what keywords you are going to target and promote your site for. This is a very important step, because you must find words and phrases that deliver good traffic and have low competition. Then place your keywords into your title tag, description tag, keywords tag and several times in the text of your page.

    8. Submit your site to major directories like DMOZ, Yahoo (this will cost you $299 a year), JoeAnt, GoGuides and dating specific directories - List of Dating Directories.

    9. Exchange link with other dating websites. Choose only good, well-structured websites that will be interesting for your visitor. Think as visitor and ask yourself if you would go to this site, and if yes, then write a polite letter asking webmaster to exchange links with you. Remember that you should set a link to this site on your LINKS page first. Ask to place your keywords in the text of the link - this will help you with search engines.

    10. Make your contacts easily available and manage your website every day, answer all letters, add content, explore, investigate, share your knowledge, find partners, ask questions and eventually you will see your income grow.


    1. Never try to cheat search engines. You think you found a unique, legitimate and unknown way to boost your search engines position? Forget about it! High traffic comes with hard work. Even in case you grab a few apples with a new trick, your site will get banned from major search engines very fast and for really long time (I am talking about years). Say no to any "link popularity improvements", "links to you", "cloaking", "doorway/gateway/whateverway pages", "FFA/link farm pages", etc. Your success is 100% Do It Yourself. Otherwise, nobody will give a rat ass when you find your site gone from all search engines at once.

    2. Forget about automatic submissions. In fact they will not help; they may only ruin your chances. Even hand submission to search engines won't help. All you need is a few links from other good, reputable sites and ALL search engines will find you and will rank your site better than in case you spam them with submission requests.

    3. Don't copy content from other sites to yours. If you want to refer to certain text, link to it. If you copy others' articles, texts, etc your site is likely to be penalizes for duplicate content.

    4. Don't send mass mailings (SPAM). Everyone hates it, we hate it, and you must hate it. SPAM doesn't work. SPAM destroys your brand forever.

    5. Don't link to sites that have nothing to do with your site's content. You must place only relevant link, otherwise your site will be considered a link farm and will be dropped by search engines.

    6. Never place hidden or very small text on your page this is a well known (by search engines) SPAM technique.

    7. Heavy and senseless interlinking of several sites will heart a lot. Don't try to buy hundreds of domains and interlink them. This won't help. Only managed, content-rich sites gain high traffic.

    8. Don't beg for links. It is a reason to be reported. If webmaster doesn't want to link to you, improve your content and look for another site to swap links.

    9. Don't try to optimize your pages for keywords that are not relevant to your content. First, you will not sell anything to "wrong" visitors, and second, it is SPAM.

    10. Don't seek easy and fast ways. They are all wrong.

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    March 07, 2003

    Google Dance and "Dating Services" + "Online Personals"

    Google is dancing! Right now. And LoveCompass is getting great positions for "Dating Services" and "Online Personals", We truly hope this will not change and both us and all our partners will benefit from this improvement.

    If anyone doesn't know yet about what Google Dance is, read Search Engine Dictionary definition of Google Dance.
    Major changes at Google happen right now and we are happy seeing great impromvement of LoveCompass positions.
    Since LoveCompass Partnership program means intergrity between all partners, every partner is going to benefit from this. So all we have to do now is pray all gods to leave the results as they are. Google Dance lasts several days so anything may happen.
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    March 03, 2003

    Existing LoveCompass Partner Advise

    An advise letter written by one of the LoveCompass partners - Sue England ( LoveBells ). This letter brings some interesting points on how to maintain and promote LoveCompass Partner Site.

    About myself:
    Hi there, my name is Sue; I am the owner of LoveBells.Com, just one of the many proud Partners to LoveCompass.Com I hope that with my own personal experience given here that you will find your new partner site as easy to maintain as mine is.

    How & why did I Become a Partner with LoveCompass.Com?
    I was just looking for something extra to do in my spare time, preferably something that involved using my computer and internet connection as well as helping others out, oh and of course to earn a little extra cash too.
    I did check a few different dating affiliate sites, none of which offered the same as LoveCompass.Com. I had emailed LoveCompass.Com before I went ahead with becoming a partner, asking a few questions as I had joined as an affiliate to another big name dating site some time ago, I had more than 80 members join and so far still no payment from them, with a total of more than a hundred dollars to be paid they shut my account, so they didn’t have to pay, so as you can imagine I did not want to get myself tied up in something of this nature again. I am happy to say that LoveCompass.Com is nothing like these other sites, if they where I would not waste my time and effort with them.
    If you have not yet joined than you can do so at . And if you are unsure about something then send then contact them, you will find that they are a very friendly & helpful team of people.

    Once I had decided to become a partner, I filled out the online form and was sent an email with my details. I had decided that I wanted a fancy looking URL so I chose to get my very own domain name, The thing is you don’t need to do the same as me, you can just use your current website or even get one of them free websites, from where people can join as your new member.

    I was a little worried about putting my website together, as I am not a web professional, in fact I am far from it, but I can tell you that I am learning a lot from my new site and enjoy every moment of it. :)

    A few months back I had no idea about exchanging links or even submitting my domain name to search engines, I am still no mastermind, but getting better as I go along. I plan to be good at what I do and so far so good.

    As a new partner:
    Now that you are a new partner there might be a few things that you are a little unsure about.
    First of all, I would suggest you enter to your database and have a good look around, click on things and see how they work, even place your own profile to your site, it is one of the best ways to get yourself familiar with your site.

    Maintaining your site:
    As soon as you have your site working or links in place then you will start to have new members joining, and it’s your job to take care of them.

    Don’t expect to have an unbelievable amount of members to join if your site is new and unseen by search engines, because it’s just not going to happen, you now need to spend some time with your site, work with it a little each day, the more people who know about your site the better, and what better way then exchanging reciprocal links with other popular sites.

    Exchanging reciprocated links:

    Exchanging reciprocated links with other sites is a great way to get traffic into your site, this is something I have done at the beginning and it has worked wonders, I was not listed with any search engines, yet I was still able to have a little over 50 new members join my site, all because they seen my reciprocated link on someone else’s page.

    How do you do this, very simple…
    Just search for sites that will exchange reciprocated links with you, follow their information on how to exchange or send the webmaster a friendly email, tell them briefly about your site, offer them the URL to take a look at your site, also offer them a “Link Title” “Link URL” & “Link Description” (by the way I would be interested to be one of your first link swaps) so there you are, you already had a link exchanged!

    Once you start to get people saying yes I would love to exchange links then you need to place their link into your links page, do so by clicking on “links” at the top of your partners account, and enter their details, within no time you will start to have a decent flow of traffic. From these links that you have exchanged, you will see that some search engines such as googles will pick you up from other people’s sites and will index your site automatically for you, so realistically you don’t need to submit your site to all major search engines.

    Placing articles:

    You can also place an article on your website in much the same fashion as placing a reciprocal link, just click up the top where it says “Articles” and place the information. You can get an article from a website by asking the webmaster if they have one for you, not all sites can offer you and article but if you don’t ask then you won’t get anywhere. I would not accept any articles from a site unless it was of high quality and in some way relevant to your site.

    Submitting to search engines:
    It is also a good idea to submit your site to the major search engines, there are millions of them, but its best to only concentrate on the big name ones, you should know some of them, and for instance where do you go to search for something on the internet? Don’t forget to submit your site there.

    Other advertising ideas:
    Some other things you can do is place advertisements in your local papers, drop flyers in your area, notices on message boards and much more, use your imagination, I have a sticker on the back of my car window with my website, have you ever stopped to think how many people are driving along the same road as you, who are looking for romance, friendship or marriage?

    What not to do:
    Ok one thing you can not do is send spam as this is illegal and will cost you your partnership site, for those of you who don't know what spam is, it is: sending unsolicited email to people you don’t know, telling them about your site and how to join, so if you are serious about your site you will not stop to this level.

    Now that you have a few members joining your site you need to maintain their profiles, you will be able to do this from your partners account. Each new member needs to have a contact price set on their profile, this is where you will start to earn some income, the price in entirely up to you, remember it’s your partnership and if you wish to set your prices high or low then you can do so. I would suggest that you place your members profiles around the same figures, keep a watch on your profiles to see if they have been contacted and if for some reason a few have not been contact as yet do yourself and them a favour by change the contact price slightly lower, and in the same manner, if you find one members getting a lot of contacts then you might decide to place the contact amount slightly higher, be realistic, would you pay that much to contact that person?

    How do you set the contact price?
    In your partners account, click on Profiles Database, you will have a list of profiles of your members, click on one of them to edit the contact price, once you are in the profile you will see merchants price $ simply put your price in here and save.
    The total price you see is slightly higher than your selected price, this is because LoveCompass.Com needs a small commission passed back to them, to maintain billing sales and so on, and you will still get your contact price you have set. If you then click back home at the top you will see “Payable” well every dollar you see here is yours.

    Assisting your members:
    Sometimes you may have one of your members contact you and ask you to place their photos for them, just ask them to provide their Profile ID, from there you can find their profile and upload their picture for them, the profile will be checked and approved, once you click on their profile you will see the option that say upload photo, save their photo to your hard drive and upload it to their profile for them, its always nice to send a quick return email telling them that you have done this for them.

    Where to find more help
    Now that you are a partner and understand the basics, it should all be smooth surfing. I would suggest that you check your site ever 24 hours.
    As a new partner you can join the LoveCompass.Com Partners forum This has been a great help for me, I have provided some ideas that might help and also asked many questions, you can do the same too, and we all need extra advice. I am like you, I come across things that I don’t understand and things I want to know too, so we are not alone.

    One thing I do like about being a partner with LoveCompass.Com is the support and friendly responses, we are all people from different walks of life, however we all come together and work as partners with our sites.

    If there is anything I can help you with to start up your site then please feel free to contact me, you can do so from my website at

    It would be a pleasure to work together.
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    March 02, 2003

    "Link to LoveCompass" page

    LoveCompass finally settled its linking policy and created a link to us page.

    New linking policy is as follows: Anyone who wants to submit a web site relevent to LoveCompass Directory categories is free to do so. Those who places a reciprocal link to LoveCompass will be considered to be awarded a priority listing point. Additionaly, those who place a second link, to the directory in which their link is located, will be considered for inclusion into LoveCompass Dating Search Engine.

    Thus, keeping in mind that we have Random Links System, featured links partners may have up to 30 links on static pages of LoveCompass and up to 100 cached pages at LoveCompass Dating Search Engine.
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    Random links now have directory paths

    Random links from LoveCompass Directory appear in every Personals Browse listing. Now each of them has a link to directory where it is located.

    Pretty good tool for those who get interested in the link and would like to research this theme deeper.

    Although randomizing algorithm is not yet perfect, we expect to have the links pretty spread in the entire directory.
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    February 25, 2003

    Server problems solved 100%

    Last week entire LoveCompass network could experience long server downs. This happened because of hardware bugs on the new server. It's all fixed now.

    Now we are glad to provide new, faster hardware. Database connections will be served faster. Currently, our resources are used by 15%. So, we are glad to welcome new partners and partner sites willing to build their own online dating websites.
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    February 24, 2003

    Gold Membership - Step 1 - Available for Free

    Code for Gold Membership was ready long ago and is still waiting for its time. The first option for Gold Members will be - Available for Free. Thus anyone interested will be able to buy Gold Membership and his contacts will get open for all other members at no fee.

    We are still thinking on price to be set and on the ways to split revenues between partners and LoveCompass from membership fees. Any ideas and comments about Gold Membership are extremely awaited.
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    February 23, 2003

    Categorized Browse Personals System

    Browse Personals Profiles system finally launched! It is different from Search Profiles - it is all static and it gives better information about how many profiles are listed in LoveCompass. No blind search anymore!

    All pages of categories are static, so we have to regenerate them. We are now trying to figure out the best period for listings regeneration. Comments are appreciated.

    Same as in search, most recently visited profiles will be placed to the top of the listings. So, you're advised to visit LoveCompass frequently to bump your positions.

    Browse Personals Profiles will not be installed to any of the partner sites, because it may lead to duplicate content penalty from Google and because ot requires high server resources. However we expect this system increase LoveCompass sales and thus help our partners earn more.
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    LoveCompass Weblog Launch

    LoveCompass is live during about 6 months already. It is constantly being improved, updated, modified and fixed. We come up with new and new features and even more are planned. Today we launched this weblog.

    In this weblog we will have to post some older events reports as they are both important and may be interesting for members and partners of LoveCompass.

    We will also add all kinds of news, reports, announcements - and hopefully ASAP once we have something to share.

    So, if you're interested to keep your hand on LoveCompass pulse - visit this blog constantly. Welcome to LoveCompass!!!
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